Being Resilient

I was honored to be interviewed for the May issue of Resilient Magazine. Below is an excerpt from the publication.

Aside from what is known about you or what you have shared, what makes you RESILIENT?

My resilience is rooted in my deep belief in God. I know that God loves me and the Universe supports me in every way, every day. Privately and contrary to what many would think, my childhood and young adult years were punctuated with trauma that would take most people under. I bear those scars even today, but such life events have contributed to my inner strength, my ability to withstand otherwise withering circumstances, and a striving to find the positive within the negative. I like to think that I am like an oak tree. You only see half of the tree, because an oak tree has a giant root system that extends beyond the tree’s expanse. Much of why the oak tree is flourishing lies below the surface. Throughout my life and like the oak tree, I
have been amazed at how deep, wide and strong I am.

How do you deal with setbacks?

For me, Maya Angelou’s words say it best. “Stand up straight and realize who you are, that you tower over your circumstances. You are a child of God. Stand up straight.”