Diana Harvey Johnson

Answering Wanda Lloyd’s March 3, 2022, challenge to “speak the names of at least three [women] who are…sheroes in this community,” I broadcast the name Diana Harvey Johnson, the third of three local women I lift up in celebration of Women’s History Month.

Diana Harvey Johnson is a businesswoman, community activist, organizer, educator, and writer. She’s generous, strategic, and sage. Most people know Diana as the owner of Pinnacle Communications Corporation, a business, marketing, and public relations firm, and as the founder of the Hungry Club Forum, a monthly discussion focused on community issues and resolutions. Diana graduated from Morris Brown College and the University of Georgia. She taught history at Paine College in Augusta and was a historian at President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s birthplace and the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, New York. In Savannah, Diana led programs to help ease problems and tensions in the community after the public schools desegregated, organized the first public celebration of Kwanzaa in the city, and founded the Savannah Chatham Coalition of Black Women. In 1980, she became a Georgia delegate to the White House Conference on small business hosted by President Jimmy Carter, and in 1982, Diana was elected to the first of five terms in the Georgia State House of Representatives, and two terms in the State Senate.

I met Diana at a political event I attended with my mom about 25 years ago. My mom was immediately impressed with Diana, but I was a little intimidated by her powerful presence. Her eyes seemed to pierce right through my thirty-something-year old self. Over time, I’ve come to appreciate and admire Diana’s strength and formidable character. She’s given me her time, advice, and her ear, and we have developed a strong relationship. Thank you for your leadership Diana!