Happy Spring!

I love spring. And I love that the word spring means to arise. To rise. To Issue forth. To come up or out of something into existence.

As winter transitions to spring, I delight in the new growth of plants making their first appearances in the new season. I find it exciting to see the first green leaves breakthrough on the crepe myrtles in our backyard and the stems of the hydrangea bushes sending forth small green shoots from their knobby brown winter legs. I anticipate the birds that will visit our yard, making nests in the birdhouse, eating from the bird feeders, and splashing in the birdbath positioned so my husband and I can see the action.

You may have heard the old saying, “The sun will rise without thy assistance.” I have grown to appreciate that nature flourishes without my help. Oh, I prune, fertilize, water and check for proper sun conditions. I read books to know which way to face the birdhouse. I like to think that I have a hand in the beauty of my flowers, herbs, and vegetables. But truly, nature knows what she is doing. Seeds germinate and grow into plants with the intelligence of their own. The hummingbirds, the bluebirds, cardinals, and our other feathered friends show up on their schedule by their internal clocks. Even the plants I discard, and my husband stubbornly saves, continue to grow just because that is what they do. To quote Oscar Wilde, “A flower blossoms for its own joy.” And if we are lucky, we get to revel in its beauty.

As part of our ritual in the renewing and awakening of spring, Larry and I go to garden centers for plants and bird feed. This year we added a dash of campaigning to our outing by wearing our new matching Panhandle Slim t-shirts! You can help my campaign by purchasing your own Panhandle Slim t-shirt! Place orders here: https://www.bonfire.com/tammy-stokes-for-superior-court-judge/

As always, thank you for your support!