In Service

Community service has become part of the celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, but I have been drawn to the practice for most of my life. I have learned the valuable lesson that giving is also receiving. When I was a student at UGA I read to Carl, a blind law student, as part of my chosen community service through my sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha. Carl and I became friends, and he introduced me to other law students. Over time, my love of the law grew through my associations and conversations with Carl and his friends. This experience changed my life. In addition to gaining a lifelong friend, I changed the trajectory of my education and career. Instead of becoming a psychologist, I went to law school and became an attorney and judge.

Today, my volunteer work is primarily focused on Park Place Outreach and Hospice Savannah As a board member for each non-profit, I have the privilege to support at-risk youth, and quality end-of-life care. Through service, I’m always learning, making friends, and building relationships in support of Savannah’s Beloved Community.