The Interconnectedness of Community

The smart, creative, and elegant Taqwaa Saleem created a wonderful collection of framed photographs of people who walked with me on my journey to Superior Court Judge this past year. Seeing these pictures all together prompted me to reflect on my life and career in Savannah and Chatham County. I am blessed. You all have shown me love and support beyond expectation, and have confirmed for me that I am on the right path. I recognize I have achieved the positions and opportunities I have experienced on the shoulders of giants—many of them local leaders, mentors, family, and friends. I understand the interconnectedness of the accomplishments, sacrifices, acts of loyalty, kindness, and morality of those who have gone before me. Now, I share in that responsibility to those who will come. With pleasure I strive to create a smoother passage for those who travel the path after me, just as my path forward has been made smoother and richer by those who traveled before me.